What You Should Know About Pickling And Its Effects With Your Health

Pickling is a familiar dish in the meal in the family at Asian countries. With melon dish of salt, you can eat right or processing with many different fish, meat ingredients or can do with vegetable… However it also beneficial but also harmful. You should know how to conserve and use pickling to how good for the health of your family.

1/ What Is Pickling?

Pickling is a popular dish of each house and are popular in the cafeteria, the restaurant at Asian countries. This dish can be served with pork or meat cooked bamboo shoots… In hot weather, use a melon with tuna or carp are very delicious. This salt pickle dish can served with pork sausage or pickling broth with beef.
– This dish is included, for balancing the too much grease. Pickling usually stimulate taste buds, should create the appetite and food cravings. However, this food is made primarily from the vegetables over the fermentation and takes away the amount of necessary vitamins. So, if not used properly dishes will affect health.
– According to the traditional way of making, pickling is processed through lactic fermentation by lactic acid bacteria in nature to grow and generate the fermentation. Thanks to the enamel should have pickling stimulates digestion.
– In the vegetables of melon with nitrite in trace only small, but when doing the pickling nitrite concentrations increased in the first few days because of microbial nitrate reducing process contained in vegetables into nitrite, nitrite but diminishing and loses when pickle was sour. When the melon has nine nitrite concentrations increased again then. Nitrite when the body will work with quadratic amino in certain foods such as shrimp, fish sauce… form nitrozamin compounds have carcinogenic risk.

2/ Pickling Has Benefits Like?

– Absorbs mineral salts: acidic pickling, allowing better absorption of calcium, iron and other important minerals. Has antibacterial and antifungal.
– Aid in digestion: the spices added to the pickling can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and kill the bad bacteria in the digestive system. Increase the taste, improves appetite, so tired of fighting.
– Because pickling salt is quite high, so this dish is not suitable for people with high blood pressure. If the family’s salt pickle dish you have to add sugar, is also not suitable for people with diabetes or high blood sugar.

3/ When Fermentation Pickling

– Biological metabolism during fermentation of pickling can be divided into the following phases: salt has a concentration of 2.5-3% when salt pickle will do for the environment policies and priority substances from cells of vegetables part will diffuse into the environment.
– Lactic bacteria thrive, so the environmental pH dropped to 3-3.5, do inhibit bacteria the other, only lactic acid bacteria grow, they prevailed, becoming sour pickle vegetables, delicious.
– When pickle gained tart, Ph drops to 3, then the lactic bacteria even also be inhibited, if so then the natural yeast, mold will start developing resolution of lactic acid CO2 and H2O, the product began to be stunned and the environment reduce the sour taste, there are many air bubbles.

4/ Some Things to Note When Feeding Pickling

– Before eating should be washed with water, to dry pickling to remove bacteria, helping to leave, salty and tart taste of melon. Many people often get pickling out and eat right, no more preliminary thinking in salty environment it is difficult to have harmful bacteria.
– Don’t eat too much salt, the melon salt on each should only be about 50 g and should not eat often because in pickling contains so much oxalic acid and calcium will cause kidney stones. On the other hand because of the very salty should eat more will not good for health, it is also the main cause of the edema and the area of water, it can cause increased blood volume from that cause high blood pressure.

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