The Making of Delicious Salt Pickle for Every Meal

Pickling with vinegar is easy, attractive dish and contains many nutrients good for the health. Pickling with vinegar are suitable in the party to make the guests don’t get bored with the dish much grease. That frugality and very intrigued with what you eat spicy and sour taste. This dish with a fairly simple, yet delicious salt pickle to not know. How to make this dish also quite simple, easy to implement, however to get the pickling dish of salt has just enough acidity, tasty crunchy, you need to have some recipes. So today we will share with you how sour cucumber delicious crunchy salt, the most attractive.

  • The Raw Materials Needed to Make Salt Pickling Dishes

– To make crispy delicious sour cucumber salt way, first you need to prepare the materials to make pickling salt need: cucumber or cucumber: 500g. Carrot: 1 small tubers. Fennel: 1 small bunch. 1 Garlic, 2 results chili. Spices: salt, sugar and vinegar. glass jars.
– Salt to pickling the you choose the hard fruit, make appearance, dark blue in color. The bowler must be straight not curved too, so pickle after the new salt preserved brittleness. After wash melons, vegetables, pickled carrots and fennel with dilute salt water for about 30 minutes, then rinse with water, remove the water runs out to dry. Garlic peeling bark, chili clean wash cut small pieces. Glass wash and soak with hot water to kill the bacteria, then leave to dry.
  • What Steps Do the Pickling

– One of the secret to crispy delicious sour cucumber salt is in salt water melon stitching. You follow the recipe according to the rate: 1 spoonful of sugar, 3 spoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of vinegar along with 700 milliliters of warm water, stir to dissolve sugar and salt. Then you go for garlic, and then the new was to do the salt water melon.
– To a brittle pickling recipes is to a sun melon for melon wilt. If the weather is where you in without sunshine, can still do melon wilt otherwise: Cook hot water. For the pickle into hot water and get out immediately. To pickle dried at room temperature.
– Glass washing and to dry, you fold the excess into the bottle, add carrots. Finally, pour the salt water melon into jars, cover truth for sure, you can use a bamboo stick or small dishes to the bottom of the melon jar compression. Pickle salt to at room temperature for about 3 to 5 days, we were able to get out. So you have finished pickling dishes. After 2-3 days of pickling turn yellow as can be.
– If too much after the pickling melon has reached sufficient time fermenting, you can get out to the melon in the fridge. Pickling can be used as the appetizers or snacks is open in every meal a combination thereof. Pickle dish of salt must have medium acidity, tasty crunchy and sweet. Sour taste of vinegar, the sweetness of the sugar and chili’s spicy blend into each other will be a superb dish.
– When you use chopsticks, enjoy a clean spoon to retrieve the amount of pickling enough off the disc, absolutely do not use chopsticks and spoons with other dishes to pickle salted preserved best, not being white or opaque membrane famous salt water while preserving.
– This dish is excellent with very gloomy and effective when used with many dishes more meat protein in the meal. With doing simple pickling at home not only helps you save time cooking, but this dish also helps stimulate your taste. You can scale out to multiple salt jugs donated relatives and friends enjoy, make sure everyone will love with moderate sour and delicious crispy salt when bowler ever enjoy.
  • Benefits of Pickling

– Additional probiotics: one of the top benefits that pickling and other fermented foods brings is high content of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria or yeasts helpful support, restore balance in the intestinal tract.
– Pickling and fermented foods have high levels of beneficial bacteria and probiotics help support the digestive system and intestinal problems. Many people who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease), digestive disorders and related diseases can improve the situation thanks to the consumption of fermented products such as yogurt and kefir regularly.
– Helps the body balance: food fermentation helps balance the amount between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in the body, which helps your body balanced and healthier. Whether you are a vegan or are pursuing any weight loss diet, the fermented food really is a healthy ingredient to add to the diet.

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