How to Make Pickled Vegetables

Cooking some dishes can be really difficult and takes a lot of time. Eating them is quicker than cooking. However, this is opposite to pickling vegetables.
Pickled vegetables are very tasteful and crispy. They offer a great side dish in any meal and don’t take time to prepare at all, well only 1 time. They can be stored for a long time and still taste so good. Furthermore, pickled vegetables can be healthy too. They contain a lot probiotics, the healthy bacterial that helps strengthen our immune system and support our bowel movement. Finally, you can use pickling as a method to store seasonal fruits and vegetables.

There are many vegetable you can pickle- ranging from cucumber, carrots, beet and tomatillos.  You could also try some Asian dishes by pickling Korean cabbage. You can test your creativity here for any vegetable you like.

Pickling vegetables can be done through canning and keeping in a cool place or storing in refrigerator.
Here are some tips on making the best vegetables pickle:
  • Any water is fine, except for hard water
  • Use pure sea salt or salt made especially for canning and pickling only.
Here are steps by steps on how to make pickle vegetables:

Step 1: Wash And Chop Vegetables

– Choose the vegetables you like to pickle and wash them thoroughly.
– Chop your vegetables into small pieces; don’t cut them too small as they will shrink over time.
– Consider blanching your vegetables. Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, ginger, green beans, carrots, peppers and other tough to chew vegetables taste better if they are blanched. You don’t need to blanch cucumber.
– Boil water in a large pot and add the vegetable into hot boiling water.
– Cook until tender and then take them out to let them cool under cold water.

Step 2: Add Flavorings

Add some flavoring into the vegetables. You can make flavorings by following these recipes below:
  • Try a mixture of bay leaf, Mustard seed, Dried Chile peppers, Celery seed, Dill seed and turmeric
  • Habanero or Jalapeño pepper, dill, clove garlic, horseradish, oregano and shallot
Mix them thoroughly with these vegetable and leave in the refrigerator for 10 minutes

Step 3: Make Brine

There are 2 ways you can make brine which is making sweet brine and sour brine
  • Making sour pickle brine: create a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water with 2 spoon of sea salt and 1 spoon of sugar. Let them boil until you see all the sea salt and sugar are dissolved. Let the mixture cool down from the heat.
  • Making sweet pickle brine: The mixture is the same as when you make sour pickle brine. However, you should add more sugar to create sweetness up to your taste. Also boil the mixture and stir until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved.

Step 4: Fill Jars with Brine

In the last step, first you need to put vegetables into the jars.
After that, pour the cool brine into the jar. Remember not to overfill. Leave a space of 0.5 inch on top of the jar empty. Brine need to fill up all the vegetable.
Close the lid carefully and put the jars in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.
After 24 hours, the pickled vegetables will be ready to be served. If you make pickle by refrigerator, you need to consume it in 1 month.
If you want to keep your pickled vegetables to last longer than 1 month, you need to boil the jars of vegetable into hot water so that the lid can be finely secured. After that, cool down your jars and put them in a dark cool place.
Here are all the steps about making a pickle at home. Pickled vegetables are really amazing and you should try to cook them at home instead of buying them at supermarket.

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