How to use foodsaver v3240 vacuum sealer to seal your jars?

Canning is a method of food preservation. The term is confusing as these days, mason jars are used to can food items. The food is cooked in high temperature and then placed inside sterilized mason jars. It is then tightly sealed to make sure bacteria does not go in, thus preserving the food for the longest time. The tight seal is made by a vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver V3240, a handsome vertical-design sealer that has an accessory port that attaches the hose that can be used on the canisters and mason jars.

The Benefits of Canning

  1. Fruits and vegetables that are abundant during summer can be preserved by canning and used for winter or when it is off-season;
  2. As the law of supply and demand states, food that are abundantly available can be bought at a cheaper price so buy in bulk when it is cheaper and preserve it by canning;
  3. Prepare for bad times and emergencies. As canning preserves food up to five years or even longer, you can prepare for eventual emergencies without fear of the food spoiling;
  4. Canned items make for good personal gifts. This can be jellies or jams of fruits from your own garden;
  5. You have better control of your food quality since you personally prepared it.

Best Canned Surprises

Fruits and vegetables are the usual food that is canned. However, anything can be canned, even meat. Here are some foods that will pleasantly surprise you:

  1. Crab meat. You can preserve this and have some crab cakes in the future, or you can use it on your pasta;
  2. You can use the preserved versions in cocktails and in your salad;
  3. Artichoke hearts already flavored with herbs and spices, a wonderful treat with pasta and pesto sauce;
  4. An oversupply can be stored for a yummy cheesecake in the future;
  5. This will be great with your pasta;
  6. Tomatoes, especially the organic or cherry or yellow varieties. These make a great homemade pasta sauce;
  7. Lentils for use in soups or salads;
  8. Beef that’s been salt-cured. The shredded version makes a tasty homemade corned beef.

Equipment used to can

If you are serious about this food preservation method, it is best to invest in good equipment. To do some canning, you need:

  • Tongs;
  • Funnel that is wide-mouthed;
  • Measuring cups;
  • A deep, big pot or a canner;
  • Racks that can fit inside the pot;
  • Mason jars (same size jars and lids, and same size with your attachment);
  • FoodSaver V3240 with accessory hose and attachment.

How to use FoodSaver V3240

  1. After washing and sterilizing the mason jars, place the foods inside;
  2. Use the FoodSaver V3240 to vacuum seal it;
  3. Fit the attachment (it looks like a top hat) onto the brim of the Mason Jars. It is supposed to fit in snugly and hide the neck of the jar;
  4. Connect the attachment into the vacuum sealer by using a hose attached to the port. The port is the one found on the vacuum sealer unit;
  5. Press ‘vacuum and seal’ button. It will automatically stop when done.

Best Features of FoodSaver V3240

This is a channel type of vacuum sealer, also referred to as the counter top model.

  • It is sleek with its vertical design so it does not hog the counter top space;
  • Has ‘crushfree instant seal’ for delicate foods inside bags;
  • Two options for speed, two options for food type (moist or dry);
  • Has built-in roll holder and cutter.

Benefits of using Mason Jars

  • Glass is safer to use when heating or even freezing;
  • It does not retain the color and the smell of the food after it has been removed;
  • The jar can be recycled but not the lid;
  • It is a better option that plastic bags when preserving something greasy;
  • It comes in varied sizes from 4 oz. to 64 oz.


Tips when vacuum sealing Mason Jars

  • Buy same size of jars and attachment. If you decide to go wide-mouth, use that size all the way. The mouth sizes of the jars are regular and wide-mouth, and the lids, bands and attachments of each size cannot be used on the other;
  • Leave at least one inch from the mouth of the jar when filing it with food.

Get your FoodSaver V3240 and enjoy vacuum sealing your mason jars filled with yummy delights.

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