The Note When Choosing Vinegar for the Best Pickling

Pickling is a dish with some of the price family. Pickling is used when hot weather will be great. The important ingredients to make pickling vinegar. To get the tasty salt pickle dish. Essential to choose the best vinegars, ensuring the fermentation of melon and good for your health. Vinegar contains many nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and organic acids for good health. However, currently on the market there are a lot of imitation vinegar by the acid. Using sophisticated production tricks, users are very difficult to detect and recognize what is real vinegar and vinegar. So how to know what is the best type of vinegar?


A/ Distinguish Types of Vinegar

– Color: for the vinegar preparation by acids, they will have color throughout and no residue because this type of vinegar without the starch, high-molecular substances. So, when you need to choose what type of vinegar selection of vinegar has the array of unidentified vinegar to precipitate aging and when shake foam in the bottle will take longer to dissolve.
– Taste: Vinegar acid phase adds flavoring in the production process should the scent of it when feeling is often the smell of alcohol or esters. At the same time, tasting vinegar acid phase will give a sour taste. When vinegar is fermented naturally calming scent will have and not fly up right when opening the lid. In addition, rice vinegar giving the taste a mixture of sweet and sour, very good when used as pickling.
– Should keep in mind when choosing vinegar pickling, choose vinegar, can do or buy in prestigious places to avoid buy poor quality fruit right. Besides the harm comes from vinegar can cause hazard for you because it contains many bacteria harmful to humans, especially when fermented with melon. If the wrong vinegar, you will probably suffer from food poisoning. So choose vinegar safety is the most important requirement in the use of vinegar to make pickling.
– Select the best quality vinegar for pickling. Absolutely not replace vinegar with other acidic ingredients because they have differences about the pH of the water and the vinegar soak can be harmful to health. White vinegar is always the best choice for pickling. To have delicious sour salt pickle dish to ensure water vinegar throughout.

B/ The Effect of Vinegar With How Human Health

– Vinegar acid is derived from the chemical should not contain amino acids, organic acids and vitamin help health such as rice vinegar.
– Protect the nutrients in vegetables: Vinegar can boost the effect of iron, calcium and phosphorus in the vegetables and take vitamins status restrictions. At the same time, it may improve the absorption of nutrients for the human body.
– Currently no research or data would prove the influence of acid Vinegars to the long-term health of the people. However, the harmful effects may be seen right is expressed through osmosis of it on the stomach, causing stomach and cause corrosion perforation.
– In addition, vinegar acid phase can kill the yeast, make your body pH, acting on neurological harm lungs, kidneys … Besides, the food prepared with vinegar as pickling acid will not sour-sweet on harmony, not taste.
– Destroy the bacteria and toxins: many people like to add vinegar on salads because of work to remove bacteria and toxins in the food. Vinegar proved to be very effective in removing and preventing the reproduction of the bacteria.
– Cancer: medical research has shown that the active ingredient in vinegar is effective against cancer and tumors, eliminate toxins, preventing the formation of nitrosamine, promote the metabolism in the body and enhances immunity.
– The anti-oxygen: oxygen-resistant is also one of the benefits of vinegar. Vinegar is high antioxidant anti aging should have the ability and control free radicals in the body.
– Control of blood sugar levels: The health benefits of vinegar also includes the ability to regulate the amount of sugar in the body. Thanks to the ability to help suppress the appetite, vinegar is very helpful for people with diabetes mellitus.
– Helps absorb calcium: Vinegar contains more calcium. Besides, the presence of vinegar also helps the body absorb calcium from other foods, increase the speed of solid for bone.
РStrengthen liver function, kidney: Vinegar can enhance the function of the liver and boost the metabolism in the body. Vinegar can also reduce the burden on the kidneys. Medical studies have found that vinegar is good for urinary tract and has diuretic effects. Acetic acid in the vinegar help prevent bacteria drug resistance in tuberculosis mycobacteria. Vinegar has the ability to act as an agent of the clotting. The Muslims have stock to use vinegar as a detoxification effect when poisoned.

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