The Benefits of Using Glass Jars for Pickling

Pickling vegetables brings us many benefits. Pickled vegetables are very mouthwatering side dishes for every meal. Not to mention they are also good for our health because they provide a significant amount of probiotics – healthy bacteria that enhance your immune system. Pickling vegetables is also a useful way to store seasonal foods and still maintain their taste and nutrients.

There are various fruits and vegetables that you can pickle such as cucumber – the most popular ones, onions and peppers. You can buy pickled vegetables at many supermarkets and local stores. However, it is also easy to create some jars of pickled vegetables at home. The process of making them is neither hard nor long. However, in order to make the most delicious jars of pickled vegetables, you need to know some techniques as well as preparing all the necessary equipment. Needless to say, one of the most important things is the jars, which you use to contain your pickled vegetables.

Maybe you also know that in order to enhance the efficiency of food preservation in the jars we should vacuum them. This way brings many benefits to us as food are preserved better, longer. Very easy, you just need to select a vacuum machine for yourself like foodsaver machine. Here is best guide of you:

There are many options for the material of the jars including plastics and glass. Glass is the most common type of jar because it outweighs other types of jars in many aspects. Let’s find out in this article.


Here are the most benefits of using glass jars for pickling:

1. They Look Really Pretty

The first reason seems a bit irrational for you to choose glass jars instead of normal plastic jars.  Although both kinds of jars allow us to see through them but glass is prettier and simply offer a more substantial look than the other types thanks to the crystal like characteristics.

Furthermore, glass jars look more modern and sleek, especially when we put them in the kitchen shelf.

Another reason for the beauty of glass jars is they maintain crystal clear for a long time. Pickled vegetables put into jars will be consumed over a long period of time. Therefore, if you use plastic jars, they will surely absorb all of the dyes and colors of the vegetables. Glass jars , in another hand, leave no stain.

2. They Are Easier to Clean

As I mention above, glass jar for pickling leave no stain therefore you can wash them clean more easily.

Not to mention that the smell of a pickled glass jar will be more easy to wash off rather than the smell of a plastic jars.

Pickled vegetables can be greasy and the greasiness does not stay much in glass as they linger in plastic.

Scientifically, glass jars are cleaner than plastic jars because glass jars contain non-porous surface, which does not absorb germs and can be usable when we can the jars to make picked vegetables in boiling hot water.

3. They Keep Food Safe

Plastic jars are known to create toxic substance in the microwave heating. It is because of the excessive heat that brings out a lot of toxic chemical. So when you put plastics jars in hot boiling water to can your food, there is no doubt that these will also create many unhealthy elements.

Furthermore, one of the most important ingredients we use when making pickled vegetables is vinegar.  The vinegar suitable for pickling must contain at least 5% of acetic acid. We also add sea salt to permeate the pickled vegetables. These 2 together combining with the ions found in vegetables and fruits will enhance the reaction with metal, which in turn leads to oxidation. Oxidation, especially in the long time of pickling vegetables will destroy the material made from plastics and also create toxins and strange taste in the pickled fruits and vegetables.

4. They Enhance the Flavor of the Food

Fruits and vegetables in glass jars are believed to taste fresher and cleaner.

Also as I mention above, you can clean glass jars more easily so you don’t have to taste the lingering flavor of garlic from last time when you eat the new food.

There is also no chemical reaction and glass house effect when we steam the glass jars in hot water, therefore, the texture of the vegetables and fruits still maintain, they also taste as good as their natural form and it is also very safe to eat them.

5. They Help the Planet

Although this may have nothing to do with pickling but is the most important reason why there are more and more people changing to use glass jars nowadays.

Because glass jars are reusable and are durable, they reduce landfill. Also most of the glass jars are recyclable. It also saves your money for the long run.

Here are all you need to know about the benefits of using glassware and why should we use it to store our pickled vegetables rather other types of materials such as plastic.

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