Top 5 Food Additives That You Should Avoid

“You know what, the sodium nitrate is so terrible!” Have ever heard from someone who says that until his teeth into the juicy like a hot dog or maybe even that a few of crispy bacon? Yeah. we guess the answer probably really not. Almost of people who have been the aware of the chemical in his cuisine. The fact is yet additive – laced in your processed foods had been becoming more for people all over the world. In this article, we will show you top 5 food additives that you should avoid. We hope this will be helpful for you.

1/ The First Thing Is Sodium Nitrites

+ Currently, due to the lack of understanding and contents in business should the producers, traders had abused a number of toxic chemicals to preserve food causes serious consequences for human health. Use of nitrite, nitrate compounds such as potassium nitrate also known as matchsticks, potassium nitrite (KNO2), sodium nitrate (NaNO3), sodium nitrite (alginate) in preserving food (cheese, meat, beverage, aquatic products processing) to make fresh, keep color, create attractive colors and prevent the bacteria that cause food poisoning in a easy way to lead to food poisoning and countless other serious diseases.
+ Besides, prepared foods such as sausage, or spicy sausages, smoked meats, frozen meat and fish, are the high – risk groups easily cause nitrite, nitrate poisoning. So those who are watching on the dishes is like password should use a reasonable way to safe for health. Should you choose to buy products of the prestigious food and quality to limit the risks

2/ Next Is Sulfites

+ Sulfites is easily combined with the plant pigment as pigment antoxian color of vegetables to form the new complexes are colorless, so when the sulfite the fruit are red, green and other colors, often making vegetables lose color. This reaction occurs  reversible lengthwise and, following SO2, the color of the product result was again restored.  Because the sulfites is a strong reducing agent should prevent the oxidative processes in fruit, especially ascobic acid oxidation process. So SO2 is a very good means to protect vitamin C has in the product.
+ Toxic properties: sulfites is harmful to health when entering the GI will cause nausea headache, inhaling the gases SO2 and cause inflammation of the mucosa. So when sulfite chemical  must be very careful. Workers usually work in the preparation of boxes and packaging to sulfite chemical as well as preparation of aqueous SO2, working where there is direct or SO2 products in place of dry goods, sulfite must carry masks.

3/ Trans Fats

Fatty acids in nuts, vegetable oils, animal fat, seeds and fish oil. Not all of the fatty acids are not good. For example, a moderate amount of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in your diet can actually be beneficial to your health. However, trans fat is another example of harmful fatty acids. Trans fat is often used in processed foods and commercial baked products because they are cheap and long shelf life.

4/ Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

When processing a semi-finished products have toxic chemical separation of MSG is easy because when the module boiling mono-sodium glutamate almost evaporate. So the method of mono-sodium glutamate chemical often used only for sale the products of the fruit which then cook to acquire products such as jams. Method not used for sugar water products. Food additives processing is the way to make food delicious, attractive than bring more nutritional value and help the body absorb easily. The body will suffer food poisoning when used in processed food science and contains no additives, toxic. This monosodium glutamate usually is used in Asian foods.

5/ FD&C yellow no. 5 and no. 6

FD&C yellow no. 5 and no. 6. can increase the levels of “bad” cholesterol (known as cholesterol have low lipoprotein) in your body. They also reduce the concentration of “good” cholesterol (called lipoproteins have cholesterol high). Eating this also increases the risk of the sick heart.

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