Food additivies problem is an issue there are many things worth mentioning as the pros or cons of it. On the other hand, the Ministry of health and the Bureau of food safety and hygiene areas associated with the local preventive medicine are combined with each other to control the problem of the use of illegal additives, however cannot fully control (probably due to the type of this chemical easy buy, easy to sell and easy to use. especially those features it brings to the entrepreneur should also processing some people despite the law, the health of consumers in order to enable, this was clearly shown in the food safety month every year, there are the periodic inspection, the Ministry of Health’s sudden , the bureau of food safety and hygiene. However it is still current, the macro themes in our web page we will analyze these issues in a simple way. We hope any things or any information are in this website will be helpful for you. Beside that, we are welcome all the comments as well as the opinions from you to help building this website more interesting and welcome for new members as well.