How to use foodsaver v3240 vacuum sealer to seal your jars?

Canning is a method of food preservation. The term is confusing as these days, mason jars are used to can food items. The food is cooked in high temperature and then placed inside sterilized mason jars. It is then tightly sealed to make sure bacteria does not go in, thus preserving the food for the longest time. The tight seal is made by a vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver V3240, a handsome vertical-design sealer that has an accessory port that attaches the hose that can be used on the canisters and mason jars.
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Foodsaver 2 in 1 – The most handy vacuum sealer for canning jars

Canning jars are used to preserve food through the methods of pickling and canning. These methods employ the use of a vacuum sealer to seal in the food inside the jar. To do the job right, you need a vacuum sealer that has a port for use of attachments to jar sealers. The FoodSaver 4840 2 in 1 is a versatile unit that can do a conventional seal of plastic bags, and has a built-in handheld sealer for use on canning jars or mason jars.

The FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1

As a channel vacuum sealer, it can be used to seal food in plastic bags and plastic rolls that can be customized into bags. These are its other features:

  • Automatic bag detection;
  • Built-in roll storage and cutter;
  • Automatic seal settings – moist or dry. It detects the kind of food inside the bag and adjusts the vacuum power;
  • Drip tray to catch drips. Also dishwasher-friendly;
  • Automatic detection when the drip tray is filled and has to be removed and emptied;
  • Can seal up to 11inches wide bag;
  • The unit kit comes with various sizes of bags and rolls.

The second feature, the handheld vacuum sealer has these features:

  • It is conveniently located at the front of the unit for easy access;
  • It is retractable, similar to the hose;
  • It can vacuum seal mason jars, glass containers and marinators.

What you need to purchase to complete the kit for use on mason jars:

  • FoodSaver jar sealer that comes either wide-mouth or regular size;
  • Mason jars – as big as 64 oz. and as small as 4 oz. Choose one size so there would be no confusion. The size has to be the same with the size of your attachment.

The magic of canning

Canning is a process where the food is cooked in high heat and then placed inside a closed container to preserve the food. The closed container usually used is glass, which handles heat better than plastic. Glass also does not stain, and retain the smell of the food.

To preserve the food, the container is vacuum sealed using a vacuum sealer. Containers usually used are glass jars or mason jars.

There are two ways of doing canning:

  • Water bath method is best for jams, jellies, tomatoes, vegetables and acidic foods;
  • Pressure method uses a special pressure-canning equipment, and can be used for low-acid foods like vegetables and meats.

How to prepare jars for canning

The first step of the canning process is the canning itself. It starts with preparing the jars for canning:

  1. Use hot, soapy water to wash the jars, lids and bands;
  2. Rinse and drain with the mouth down;
  3. Use a canner or a big, deep pot to sterilize the jars;
  4. Fill the canner or pot with water;
  5. Put the jars in the rack and lower into the pot;
  6. Put lid on and simmer over medium heat;
  7. Keep the jars hot until you are ready to use them;
  8. In a separate sauce pan, put the lids in to sterilize;
  9. Put enough water to cover it;
  10. Bring to a simmer, but do not boil;
  11. Keep it hot until ready to use;
  12. Only the jars and lids are to be sterilized, not the bands.

How to use handheld vacuum sealer for mason jars

  1. Fill the washed and sterilized mason jars with food. Leave at least an inch from the mouth;
  2. Cover the mouth with the lid (not the band);
  3. Put the attachment (shaped like a top hat) onto the top of the jar. You would know if it is a good fit when you can’t see the neck of the jar;
  4. Connect the handheld vacuum sealer with the attachment;
  5. Start the vacuum seal by pressing the button to start. It will automatically stop once full vacuum seal has been achieved.

Remember, the proper equipment will make your job way easier so get the FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1. The handheld vacuum sealer will work canning magic with mason jars. On top of that, it can still be used as conventional vacuum sealer for plastic bags and rolls. FoodSaver 4840 just gives you more sealing options.

Choosing the Right Jars for Canning Pickled Vegetables

Jars have been becoming the ideal against the preserving almost fresh recipes. We can name a list like the salsas and the syrups or the sauces as well as the fruits and even vegetables. The people’s famous right glass jar as well as closures which have gone beyond preserving fresh food. It can help the housewife as well as all women which is combine with the serving as well as crafting or may be gift-giving. However how will you or your friend get the knowledge that the jars are right against a couple of recipes ? The housewife could use this jar’s selector tip to get clear on jars which is suitable with the needs of you as well as your family. We hope this article will help you choose the right jars for canning pickled vegetables
  • The Size of the Right Jars

Select it from more over seven sizes of the right jars which is designed carefully. It is made to be suitable with need of almost preservers of house. A few of people who have their shoulders with ideal against the shelf storage, during the straight-sided of jars which will work the  best during freezing. A couple of recipes shall have recommended the size’s ideal of jars. It will be preserving and helpful for you, however with in a little bit doubt, you can check out one of the selection of the chart below.
  • The Size of the Jar’s Mouth

The regular of the size of the jar’s mouth as well as the wide of the jar’s mouth will have been designed to be fit with some needs when talking about the recipes as well as foods.
– The first type is regular jar mouth. It seems to work in the best way for the foods which is pourable. We can list a list such as the famous jams and jellies or salsas as well as sauces which is combined with pie fillings and maybe even is vegetables.
– The second we could talk is wide jars mouth. It seems to work on the best way when whole vegetables and fruits which is allowed against filling easily.
  • A Couple of Tips for You When Choosing A Right Jar

– Choose to buy the right jars for canning pickled vegetables is not hard work but requires more skills because you have to spend a large amount of money. Demands on the right jars for canning pickled vegetables served the demands from the work of housewives cooking. Currently the right jars for canning pickled vegetables increasingly cheap and you have the choice of buying the right jars for canning pickled vegetables very easily with many choices.
– Check the transparency of the jar: Please observe the level of sharpness and throughout the depth of the jars of the dark areas and the brightness of the bright areas. Open the lid and check the smell in there to check why. That’s a little tip to select buy jar to suit this needs.
  • Need to Know the Meaning of the Characters On the Bottom of Bottles to Prevent Cancer

+ Number 1 means the PET (polyethylene terephthalate). This material is commonly found in plastic bottles of mineral water bottles, containers of vegetable oil or plastic food containers. When exposed to high temperatures or to under the sun, this resin can leak out the chemicals as Phthalate, antimony, Deha, and some other dangerous toxins.
+ Number 2 means the amount of high density polyethylene HDPE. The plastic bottle has a heat resistant up to 110 celsius, commonly used in food packaging, milk bath or the high-purity. Should be considered safe for reuse. However when reuse is needed urgently, because this hard resin clean, the substance remains very easy to become the drive of bacteria.
+ Number 3 is PVC – PVC plastic. PVC often in raincoats, building materials, plastics, plastic box, but has good plasticity, cheap but often only use is to heat 81 celsius.
+ Number 4 is LDPE-low density polyethylene. Are considered safe because this material does not arise out of any kind of toxins would during normal use.

Preserve your pickle jars by using vacuum sealer

Canning or pickling food is a two-step process that involves (1) sterilization of the bottle and (2) vacuum sealing the bottle. In the second step, it is important to have a vacuum sealer that effectively does this. Not all vacuum sealers have attachments for use on jars so you have to buy the right one. You also have to know what attachments are necessary to work the vacuum sealer. We will give you tips on how to choose the best vacuum sealer for jars.

Mason jars are used for both canning and pickling. These terms simply refer to preservation methods where the container, in this case, the pickle jar or Mason jar is sterilized using high heat to kill micro-organisms. When the food being pickled is placed inside, it has to be vacuum sealed so that air will be removed from the container. The absence of air will keep off the bacteria from thriving thereby effectively preserving foods. Pickled foods live up to 5 years.

Canning vs. Pickling

Both are methods of preservation. Both use mason jars as containers, and vacuum sealers to seal off the containers.

In canning, you cook the food in high temperature to kill the bacteria then place it inside a bottle that has been sterilized in high temperature. Then you vacuum seal it with a vacuum sealer;

In pickling, you mix the food with a substance – either vinegar or brine (a salt and water mixture). This is the substance which preserves the food while it is inside the Mason jar, which has been sterilized prior to use. To keep off bacteria, the Mason jar is vacuum sealed.

What Pickles Best

For most people, they pickle fruits and vegetables that are abundant in the summer so these can still be enjoyed even in winter or when it is off season.

You can pickle beans, carrots, cucumber (the original pickle), okra, cauliflower, pumpkin, beets, red tomatoes and green pepper. You can use fruits like green mango, pineapple, cornand peaches. Some even pickle the rinds of the watermelon. You can pickle quail eggs, and even meat like pig’s feet.

Tips on Finding the Best Vacuum Sealer for Mason Jars

Previously, only plastic bags can be vacuum sealed. These days, however, you can already vacuum seal food in mason jars, food containers, and marinade boxes and even in wine bottles. However, not all vacuum sealers have the capacity to be used on these containers. It is important to take note of these tips when choosing the right vacuum sealing brand and model to purchase:

  1. Your vacuum sealer should have an outlet port. This is the port where the hose will be attached;
  2. Get the needed attachments as some may not come with the vacuum sealer you buy. These include:
    1. Air extraction tube that connects to the port.
    2. Attachment that looks like a top-hat, which will fit into the mouth of your mason jar. These comes in sizes wide-mouth and regular.
  3. Get a size of Mason jar that fits to your attachment. Be on the safe side and buy just one size -either wide-mouth or regular so there would be no confusion at all.

Tips in Choosing the Right Mason Jars

  1. Size of the jar. The available sizes are the smallest at 4 oz. to the biggest at 64 oz.  Try to store in one-serving portions so once you open the jar of pickled food, you can consume all of it.
  2. Style of jar. Some jars have flat sides, while there is the kind that has a shoulder for shelf storage.
  3. Size of the mouth. This feature is the most crucial as it has to match the attachment of your vacuum sealer. It comes in two sizes – wide-mouth or regular.  It is recommended that you stick to one size so you will use only one size of attachment:
    1. Wide-mouth is best for fruits and vegetables that you pickled without cutting.
    2. Regular mouth is suited for food you pour in, like jams and sauces.
  4. When filling the Mason jar, leave a half-inch space from the mouth of the jar. Food expands when frozen.
  5. Jars have two-piece closures: the flat disk lid that has a gasket-rimmed around it, and the screw band that holds down the lid. The screw band can be reused but not the lid.

Refer to Choosing the Right Jars for Canning Pickled Vegetables

What you need to Pickle

  1. Mason jars;
  2. Large and deep pot with tight lid or canner that can hold the jars with at least 4 inches space from the mouth of the pot;
  3. Rack to hold the jars and should fit the pot or canner;
  4. Tongs to lift jars;
  5. Hot pads or towels;
  6. Timer.

How to Pickle and Vacuum Seal

  1. Put the food inside the mason jar;
  2. Put the mason jars on the rack and lower it inside the canner that has hot water inside;
  3. The water should be one inch over the mason jars;
  4. Cover the canner and bring the water to a boil. Reduce the heat and put timer on;
  5. Set the timer to the time in your recipe (it depends on what you are cooking);
  6. When timer goes off, remove the lid of the canner and turn off the heat;
  7. Remove jars using the tongs;
  8. set on counter on top of hot pads;
  9. Allow jar to cool for 24 hours;
  10. Check the seals by pressing on the lid. It won’t move if it has a tight seal.

Get the best vacuum sealer for you and start doing pickle magic with your fruits and vegetables!

The Benefits of Using Glass Jars for Pickling

Pickling vegetables brings us many benefits. Pickled vegetables are very mouthwatering side dishes for every meal. Not to mention they are also good for our health because they provide a significant amount of probiotics- healthy bacteria that enhance your immune system. Pickling vegetables is also a useful way to store seasonal foods and still maintain their taste and nutrients.  There are various fruits and vegetables that you can pickle such as cucumber – the most popular ones, onions and peppers.
You can buy pickled vegetables at many supermarkets and local stores. However, it is also easy to create some jars of pickled vegetables at home. The process of making them is neither hard nor long. However, in order to make the most delicious jars of pickled vegetables, you need to know some techniques as well as preparing all the necessary equipment. Needless to say, one of the most important things is the jars, which you use to contain your pickled vegetables.
There are many options for the material of the jars including plastics and glass. Glass is the most common type of jar because it outweighs other types of jars in many aspects. Let’s find out in this article.

Here are the most common benefits of using glass jars for pickling:

1. They Look Really Pretty

The first reason seems a bit irrational for you to choose glass jars instead of normal plastic jars.  Although both kinds of jars allow us to see through them but glass is prettier and simply offer a more substantial look than the other types thanks to the crystal like characteristics.
Furthermore, glass jars look more modern and sleek, especially when we put them in the kitchen shelf.
Another reason for the beauty of glass jars is they maintain crystal clear for a long time. Pickled vegetables put into jars will be consumed over a long period of time. Therefore, if you use plastic jars, they will surely absorb all of the dyes and colors of the vegetables. Glass jars , in another hand, leave no stain.

2. They Are Easier to Clean

As I mention above, glass jar for pickling leave no stain therefore you can wash them clean more easily.
Not to mention that the smell of a pickled glass jar will be more easy to wash off rather than the smell of a plastic jars.
Pickled vegetables can be greasy and the greasiness does not stay much in glass as they linger in plastic.
Scientifically, glass jars are cleaner than plastic jars because glass jars contain non-porous surface, which does not absorb germs and can be usable when we can the jars to make picked vegetables in boiling hot water.

3. They Keep Food Safe

Plastic jars are known to create toxic substance in the microwave heating. It is because of the excessive heat that brings out a lot of toxic chemical. So when you put plastics jars in hot boiling water to can your food, there is no doubt that these will also create many unhealthy elements.
Furthermore, one of the most important ingredients we use when making pickled vegetables is vinegar.  The vinegar suitable for pickling must contain at least 5% of acetic acid. We also add sea salt to permeate the pickled vegetables. These 2 together combining with the ions found in vegetables and fruits will enhance the reaction with metal, which in turn leads to oxidation. Oxidation, especially in the long time of pickling vegetables will destroy the material made from plastics and also create toxins and strange taste in the pickled fruits and vegetables.

4. They Enhance the Flavor of the Food

Fruits and vegetables in glass jars are believed to taste fresher and cleaner.
Also as I mention above, you can clean glass jars more easily so you don’t have to taste the lingering flavor of garlic from last time when you eat the new food.
There is also no chemical reaction and glass house effect when we steam the glass jars in hot water, therefore, the texture of the vegetables and fruits still maintain, they also taste as good as their natural form and it is also very safe to eat them.

5. They Help the Planet

Although this may have nothing to do with pickling but is the most important reason why there are more and more people changing to use glass jars nowadays.
Because glass jars are reusable and are durable, they reduce landfill. Also most of the glass jars are recyclable. It also saves your money for the long run.
Here are all you need to know about the benefits of using glassware and why should we use it to store our pickled vegetables rather other types of materials such as plastic. At the same time, to increase the efficiency of food preservation in the jars we should vacuum them. This way brings many benefits to us as food are preserved better, longer. Very easy, you just need to select a vacuum machine for yourself like foodsaver machine. Here is best guide of you

How to Make Pickled Vegetables

Cooking some dishes can be really difficult and takes a lot of time. Eating them is quicker than cooking. However, this is opposite to pickling vegetables.
Pickled vegetables are very tasteful and crispy. They offer a great side dish in any meal and don’t take time to prepare at all, well only 1 time. They can be stored for a long time and still taste so good. Furthermore, pickled vegetables can be healthy too. They contain a lot probiotics, the healthy bacterial that helps strengthen our immune system and support our bowel movement. Finally, you can use pickling as a method to store seasonal fruits and vegetables.
There are many vegetable you can pickle- ranging from cucumber, carrots, beet and tomatillos.  You could also try some Asian dishes by pickling Korean cabbage. You can test your creativity here for any vegetable you like.
Pickling vegetables can be done through canning and keeping in a cool place or storing in refrigerator.
Here are some tips on making the best vegetables pickle:
  • Any water is fine, except for hard water
  • Use pure sea salt or salt made especially for canning and pickling only.
Here are steps by steps on how to make pickle vegetables:

Step 1: Wash And Chop Vegetables

– Choose the vegetables you like to pickle and wash them thoroughly.
– Chop your vegetables into small pieces; don’t cut them too small as they will shrink over time.
– Consider blanching your vegetables. Vegetables such as Brussels sprouts, ginger, green beans, carrots, peppers and other tough to chew vegetables taste better if they are blanched. You don’t need to blanch cucumber.
– Boil water in a large pot and add the vegetable into hot boiling water.
– Cook until tender and then take them out to let them cool under cold water.

Step 2: Add Flavorings

Add some flavoring into the vegetables. You can make flavorings by following these recipes below:
  • Try a mixture of bay leaf, Mustard seed, Dried Chile peppers, Celery seed, Dill seed and turmeric
  • Habanero or Jalapeño pepper, dill, clove garlic, horseradish, oregano and shallot
Mix them thoroughly with these vegetable and leave in the refrigerator for 10 minutes

Step 3: Make Brine

There are 2 ways you can make brine which is making sweet brine and sour brine
  • Making sour pickle brine: create a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water with 2 spoon of sea salt and 1 spoon of sugar. Let them boil until you see all the sea salt and sugar are dissolved. Let the mixture cool down from the heat.
  • Making sweet pickle brine: The mixture is the same as when you make sour pickle brine. However, you should add more sugar to create sweetness up to your taste. Also boil the mixture and stir until the salt and sugar are fully dissolved.

Step 4: Fill Jars with Brine

In the last step, first you need to put vegetables into the jars.
After that, pour the cool brine into the jar. Remember not to overfill. Leave a space of 0.5 inch on top of the jar empty. Brine need to fill up all the vegetable.
Close the lid carefully and put the jars in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.
After 24 hours, the pickled vegetables will be ready to be served. If you make pickle by refrigerator, you need to consume it in 1 month.
If you want to keep your pickled vegetables to last longer than 1 month, you need to boil the jars of vegetable into hot water so that the lid can be finely secured. After that, cool down your jars and put them in a dark cool place.
Here are all the steps about making a pickle at home. Pickled vegetables are really amazing and you should try to cook them at home instead of buying them at supermarket.

The Note When Choosing Vinegar for the Best Pickling

Pickling is a dish with some of the price family. Pickling is used when hot weather will be great. The important ingredients to make pickling vinegar. To get the tasty salt pickle dish. Essential to choose the best vinegars, ensuring the fermentation of melon and good for your health. Vinegar contains many nutrients, including vitamins, amino acids and organic acids for good health. However, currently on the market there are a lot of imitation vinegar by the acid. Using sophisticated production tricks, users are very difficult to detect and recognize what is real vinegar and vinegar. So how to know what is the best type of vinegar?

A/ Distinguish Types of Vinegar

– Color: for the vinegar preparation by acids, they will have color throughout and no residue because this type of vinegar without the starch, high-molecular substances. So, when you need to choose what type of vinegar selection of vinegar has the array of unidentified vinegar to precipitate aging and when shake foam in the bottle will take longer to dissolve.
– Taste: Vinegar acid phase adds flavoring in the production process should the scent of it when feeling is often the smell of alcohol or esters. At the same time, tasting vinegar acid phase will give a sour taste. When vinegar is fermented naturally calming scent will have and not fly up right when opening the lid. In addition, rice vinegar giving the taste a mixture of sweet and sour, very good when used as pickling.
– Should keep in mind when choosing vinegar pickling, choose vinegar, can do or buy in prestigious places to avoid buy poor quality fruit right. Besides the harm comes from vinegar can cause hazard for you because it contains many bacteria harmful to humans, especially when fermented with melon. If the wrong vinegar, you will probably suffer from food poisoning. So choose vinegar safety is the most important requirement in the use of vinegar to make pickling.
– Select the best quality vinegar for pickling. Absolutely not replace vinegar with other acidic ingredients because they have differences about the pH of the water and the vinegar soak can be harmful to health. White vinegar is always the best choice for pickling. To have delicious sour salt pickle dish to ensure water vinegar throughout.

B/ The Effect of Vinegar With How Human Health

– Vinegar acid is derived from the chemical should not contain amino acids, organic acids and vitamin help health such as rice vinegar.
– Protect the nutrients in vegetables: Vinegar can boost the effect of iron, calcium and phosphorus in the vegetables and take vitamins status restrictions. At the same time, it may improve the absorption of nutrients for the human body.
– Currently no research or data would prove the influence of acid Vinegars to the long-term health of the people. However, the harmful effects may be seen right is expressed through osmosis of it on the stomach, causing stomach and cause corrosion perforation.
– In addition, vinegar acid phase can kill the yeast, make your body pH, acting on neurological harm lungs, kidneys … Besides, the food prepared with vinegar as pickling acid will not sour-sweet on harmony, not taste.
– Destroy the bacteria and toxins: many people like to add vinegar on salads because of work to remove bacteria and toxins in the food. Vinegar proved to be very effective in removing and preventing the reproduction of the bacteria.
– Cancer: medical research has shown that the active ingredient in vinegar is effective against cancer and tumors, eliminate toxins, preventing the formation of nitrosamine, promote the metabolism in the body and enhances immunity.
– The anti-oxygen: oxygen-resistant is also one of the benefits of vinegar. Vinegar is high antioxidant anti aging should have the ability and control free radicals in the body.
– Control of blood sugar levels: The health benefits of vinegar also includes the ability to regulate the amount of sugar in the body. Thanks to the ability to help suppress the appetite, vinegar is very helpful for people with diabetes mellitus.
– Helps absorb calcium: Vinegar contains more calcium. Besides, the presence of vinegar also helps the body absorb calcium from other foods, increase the speed of solid for bone.
– Strengthen liver function, kidney: Vinegar can enhance the function of the liver and boost the metabolism in the body. Vinegar can also reduce the burden on the kidneys. Medical studies have found that vinegar is good for urinary tract and has diuretic effects. Acetic acid in the vinegar help prevent bacteria drug resistance in tuberculosis mycobacteria. Vinegar has the ability to act as an agent of the clotting. The Muslims have stock to use vinegar as a detoxification effect when poisoned.

The Making of Delicious Salt Pickle for Every Meal

Pickling with vinegar is easy, attractive dish and contains many nutrients good for the health. Pickling with vinegar are suitable in the party to make the guests don’t get bored with the dish much grease. That frugality and very intrigued with what you eat spicy and sour taste. This dish with a fairly simple, yet delicious salt pickle to not know. How to make this dish also quite simple, easy to implement, however to get the pickling dish of salt has just enough acidity, tasty crunchy, you need to have some recipes. So today we will share with you how sour cucumber delicious crunchy salt, the most attractive.
  • The Raw Materials Needed to Make Salt Pickling Dishes

– To make crispy delicious sour cucumber salt way, first you need to prepare the materials to make pickling salt need: cucumber or cucumber: 500g. Carrot: 1 small tubers. Fennel: 1 small bunch. 1 Garlic, 2 results chili. Spices: salt, sugar and vinegar. glass jars.
– Salt to pickling the you choose the hard fruit, make appearance, dark blue in color. The bowler must be straight not curved too, so pickle after the new salt preserved brittleness. After wash melons, vegetables, pickled carrots and fennel with dilute salt water for about 30 minutes, then rinse with water, remove the water runs out to dry. Garlic peeling bark, chili clean wash cut small pieces. Glass wash and soak with hot water to kill the bacteria, then leave to dry.
  • What Steps Do the Pickling

– One of the secret to crispy delicious sour cucumber salt is in salt water melon stitching. You follow the recipe according to the rate: 1 spoonful of sugar, 3 spoons of salt, 3 tablespoons of vinegar along with 700 milliliters of warm water, stir to dissolve sugar and salt. Then you go for garlic, and then the new was to do the salt water melon.
– To a brittle pickling recipes is to a sun melon for melon wilt. If the weather is where you in without sunshine, can still do melon wilt otherwise: Cook hot water. For the pickle into hot water and get out immediately. To pickle dried at room temperature.
– Glass washing and to dry, you fold the excess into the bottle, add carrots. Finally, pour the salt water melon into jars, cover truth for sure, you can use a bamboo stick or small dishes to the bottom of the melon jar compression. Pickle salt to at room temperature for about 3 to 5 days, we were able to get out. So you have finished pickling dishes. After 2-3 days of pickling turn yellow as can be.
– If too much after the pickling melon has reached sufficient time fermenting, you can get out to the melon in the fridge. Pickling can be used as the appetizers or snacks is open in every meal a combination thereof. Pickle dish of salt must have medium acidity, tasty crunchy and sweet. Sour taste of vinegar, the sweetness of the sugar and chili’s spicy blend into each other will be a superb dish.
– When you use chopsticks, enjoy a clean spoon to retrieve the amount of pickling enough off the disc, absolutely do not use chopsticks and spoons with other dishes to pickle salted preserved best, not being white or opaque membrane famous salt water while preserving.
– This dish is excellent with very gloomy and effective when used with many dishes more meat protein in the meal. With doing simple pickling at home not only helps you save time cooking, but this dish also helps stimulate your taste. You can scale out to multiple salt jugs donated relatives and friends enjoy, make sure everyone will love with moderate sour and delicious crispy salt when bowler ever enjoy.
  • Benefits of Pickling

– Additional probiotics: one of the top benefits that pickling and other fermented foods brings is high content of probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria or yeasts helpful support, restore balance in the intestinal tract.
– Pickling and fermented foods have high levels of beneficial bacteria and probiotics help support the digestive system and intestinal problems. Many people who suffer from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Crohn’s disease (inflammatory bowel disease), digestive disorders and related diseases can improve the situation thanks to the consumption of fermented products such as yogurt and kefir regularly.
– Helps the body balance: food fermentation helps balance the amount between the good bacteria and bad bacteria in the body, which helps your body balanced and healthier. Whether you are a vegan or are pursuing any weight loss diet, the fermented food really is a healthy ingredient to add to the diet.

What You Should Know About Pickling And Its Effects With Your Health

Pickling is a familiar dish in the meal in the family at Asian countries. With melon dish of salt, you can eat right or processing with many different fish, meat ingredients or can do with vegetable… However it also beneficial but also harmful. You should know how to conserve and use pickling to how good for the health of your family.

1/ What Is Pickling?

Pickling is a popular dish of each house and are popular in the cafeteria, the restaurant at Asian countries. This dish can be served with pork or meat cooked bamboo shoots… In hot weather, use a melon with tuna or carp are very delicious. This salt pickle dish can served with pork sausage or pickling broth with beef.
– This dish is included, for balancing the too much grease. Pickling usually stimulate taste buds, should create the appetite and food cravings. However, this food is made primarily from the vegetables over the fermentation and takes away the amount of necessary vitamins. So, if not used properly dishes will affect health.
– According to the traditional way of making, pickling is processed through lactic fermentation by lactic acid bacteria in nature to grow and generate the fermentation. Thanks to the enamel should have pickling stimulates digestion.
– In the vegetables of melon with nitrite in trace only small, but when doing the pickling nitrite concentrations increased in the first few days because of microbial nitrate reducing process contained in vegetables into nitrite, nitrite but diminishing and loses when pickle was sour. When the melon has nine nitrite concentrations increased again then. Nitrite when the body will work with quadratic amino in certain foods such as shrimp, fish sauce… form nitrozamin compounds have carcinogenic risk.

2/ Pickling Has Benefits Like?

– Absorbs mineral salts: acidic pickling, allowing better absorption of calcium, iron and other important minerals. Has antibacterial and antifungal.
– Aid in digestion: the spices added to the pickling can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and kill the bad bacteria in the digestive system. Increase the taste, improves appetite, so tired of fighting.
– Because pickling salt is quite high, so this dish is not suitable for people with high blood pressure. If the family’s salt pickle dish you have to add sugar, is also not suitable for people with diabetes or high blood sugar.

3/ When Fermentation Pickling

– Biological metabolism during fermentation of pickling can be divided into the following phases: salt has a concentration of 2.5-3% when salt pickle will do for the environment policies and priority substances from cells of vegetables part will diffuse into the environment.
– Lactic bacteria thrive, so the environmental pH dropped to 3-3.5, do inhibit bacteria the other, only lactic acid bacteria grow, they prevailed, becoming sour pickle vegetables, delicious.
– When pickle gained tart, Ph drops to 3, then the lactic bacteria even also be inhibited, if so then the natural yeast, mold will start developing resolution of lactic acid CO2 and H2O, the product began to be stunned and the environment reduce the sour taste, there are many air bubbles.

4/ Some Things to Note When Feeding Pickling

– Before eating should be washed with water, to dry pickling to remove bacteria, helping to leave, salty and tart taste of melon. Many people often get pickling out and eat right, no more preliminary thinking in salty environment it is difficult to have harmful bacteria.
– Don’t eat too much salt, the melon salt on each should only be about 50 g and should not eat often because in pickling contains so much oxalic acid and calcium will cause kidney stones. On the other hand because of the very salty should eat more will not good for health, it is also the main cause of the edema and the area of water, it can cause increased blood volume from that cause high blood pressure.

Top 5 Food Additives That You Should Avoid

“You know what, the sodium nitrate is so terrible!” Have ever heard from someone who says that until his teeth into the juicy like a hot dog or maybe even that a few of crispy bacon? Yeah. we guess the answer probably really not. Almost of people who have been the aware of the chemical in his cuisine. The fact is yet additive – laced in your processed foods had been becoming more for people all over the world. In this article, we will show you top 5 food additives that you should avoid. We hope this will be helpful for you.

1/ The First Thing Is Sodium Nitrites

+ Currently, due to the lack of understanding and contents in business should the producers, traders had abused a number of toxic chemicals to preserve food causes serious consequences for human health. Use of nitrite, nitrate compounds such as potassium nitrate also known as matchsticks, potassium nitrite (KNO2), sodium nitrate (NaNO3), sodium nitrite (alginate) in preserving food (cheese, meat, beverage, aquatic products processing) to make fresh, keep color, create attractive colors and prevent the bacteria that cause food poisoning in a easy way to lead to food poisoning and countless other serious diseases.
+ Besides, prepared foods such as sausage, or spicy sausages, smoked meats, frozen meat and fish, are the high – risk groups easily cause nitrite, nitrate poisoning. So those who are watching on the dishes is like password should use a reasonable way to safe for health. Should you choose to buy products of the prestigious food and quality to limit the risks

2/ Next Is Sulfites

+ Sulfites is easily combined with the plant pigment as pigment antoxian color of vegetables to form the new complexes are colorless, so when the sulfite the fruit are red, green and other colors, often making vegetables lose color. This reaction occurs  reversible lengthwise and, following SO2, the color of the product result was again restored.  Because the sulfites is a strong reducing agent should prevent the oxidative processes in fruit, especially ascobic acid oxidation process. So SO2 is a very good means to protect vitamin C has in the product.
+ Toxic properties: sulfites is harmful to health when entering the GI will cause nausea headache, inhaling the gases SO2 and cause inflammation of the mucosa. So when sulfite chemical  must be very careful. Workers usually work in the preparation of boxes and packaging to sulfite chemical as well as preparation of aqueous SO2, working where there is direct or SO2 products in place of dry goods, sulfite must carry masks.

3/ Trans Fats

Fatty acids in nuts, vegetable oils, animal fat, seeds and fish oil. Not all of the fatty acids are not good. For example, a moderate amount of monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats in your diet can actually be beneficial to your health. However, trans fat is another example of harmful fatty acids. Trans fat is often used in processed foods and commercial baked products because they are cheap and long shelf life.

4/ Monosodium glutamate (MSG)

When processing a semi-finished products have toxic chemical separation of MSG is easy because when the module boiling mono-sodium glutamate almost evaporate. So the method of mono-sodium glutamate chemical often used only for sale the products of the fruit which then cook to acquire products such as jams. Method not used for sugar water products. Food additives processing is the way to make food delicious, attractive than bring more nutritional value and help the body absorb easily. The body will suffer food poisoning when used in processed food science and contains no additives, toxic. This monosodium glutamate usually is used in Asian foods.

5/ FD&C yellow no. 5 and no. 6

FD&C yellow no. 5 and no. 6. can increase the levels of “bad” cholesterol (known as cholesterol have low lipoprotein) in your body. They also reduce the concentration of “good” cholesterol (called lipoproteins have cholesterol high). Eating this also increases the risk of the sick heart.